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Lawn Care St. Louis | St. Louis Lawn Care | St. Charles Lawn Care

Lawn Care St. Louis
7-Step Fertilization Program

  • March: Once the ground temperature reaches 45 degrees, a lawn care St. Louis technician will apply slow-release fertilizer with crabgrass control and spray broadleaf weeds.
  • April/May: This spring application includes slow-release fertilizer combined with broadleaf weed control. This treatment will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to become lush, green and undisturbed by weed growth.
  • June/July: A lawn care St. Louis specialist will apply slow-release fertilizer combined with broadleaf weed control. This treatment will help your lawn remain green and healthy for the rest of the summer. We also spot treat weeds and begin monitoring for fungus.
  • August/September: Slow-release fertilizer is administered to help the lawn recover from summer heat stress. We also apply broadleaf weed control as well.
  • October: This late fall lawn care St. Louis application includes slow-release fertilizer to continue your lawn’s healing process and to also provide nutrients for the fall seeding.
  • Late Fall: A lawn care St. Louis expert will administer a winterization application that feeds your turf throughout the winter and encourage a quick spring green-up. This treatment also prevents winter burn from snow and helps your lawn recover after being buried under snow all winter.
  • Late Fall: The final lawn care St. Louis treatment includes a lime application to neutralize the acidity levels of your soil.

St. Louis Lawn Care
Weed Control

Crabgrass and broadleaf weed control applications are provided throughout the year in seasonal treatments. These superior weed control treatments are combined with high-quality fertilizer to deter weed growth and allow the lawn to absorb the nutrients it needs in order to remain healthy. Unhealthy turfs are a magnet for weed production, so let our St. Louis lawn care pros at St. Louis Lawns make sure you have the very best weed control to keep your lawn healthy and happy.

St. Charles Lawn Care

Aeration is an advantageous St. Charles lawn care service that allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to reach deep down into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots. This process results in a greener and thicker lawn. For the best results, aeration should be performed once or twice a year.

Lawn Care St. Charles MO

After our lawn care St. Charles MO technicians have aerated your lawn, they will then disburse a high-quality blend of tall fescue seed. The type of seed we use has won multiple awards for creating lawns that are dark green in color and have a high resistance against fungi and diseases. Call the lawn care St. Charles MO professionals at St. Louis Lawns today for a FREE consultation!

Lawn Service St. Louis
Lime Applications

Lime treatments are a valuable lawn service St. Louis that ensures the soil in your lawn will remain at a healthy pH level. Lawns will not develop the rich color and resiliency to disease and insects without having an adequate foundation, so it’s important to have your soil tested each year. To schedule your soil analysis, call the lawn service St. Louis specialists at St. Louis Lawns today!

Lawn Care O’Fallon MO
Grub Control

Grubs are the white, “c”-shaped offspring of Japanese beetles. While the adults are ravaging your trees, their larvae are creating serious damage underneath your lawn. It is important to have a lawn care O’Fallon MO expert from St. Louis Lawns inspect your turf for the presence of grubs before their feeding destroys your lawn completely.

Lawn Care St. Charles
Insect Control

Our insect control application covers the entire lawn to eliminate any surface feeding insects that could damage your lawn. Our lawn care St. Charles technicians will apply this treatment throughout the year to help your lawn remain fully protected from the insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworms. Call today for a FREE consultation with the best lawn care St. Charles company in the business!

St. Louis Lawn Service
Disease Control

Diseases can not only cost you your lawn, but can be a heavy burden on your wallet. Our St. Louis lawn service professionals are highly skilled at keeping your turf protected from disease all season long. Call St. Louis Lawns today for a FREE estimate on our exceptional disease control applications!

Lawn Care St. Louis MO
Fungus Control

Fungi can be devastating to many lawns, especially if left untreated. Our superior fungicide treatments are applied by a lawn care St. Louis MO professional to stop the fungus from spreading and reverse its effects. The most common lawn fungi are dollar spot, summer patch, rust, brown patch and leaf patch.

Lawn Care Chesterfield MO

Sometimes known as a power rake, a lawn dethatcher is a lawn care Chesterfield MO tool used to remove thatch from your yard. Several vertical spinning blades slice into the thatch layer while pulling dead grass to the surface. Dethatching should only be performed as needed to help the lawn breath and allow water and fertilizer to reach the soil faster.

O’Fallon Lawn Care
Mole Control

If moles are wreaking havoc in your lawn, let the O’Fallon lawn care pros at St. Louis Lawns apply our specialized liquid mole control application. This treatment is a totally safe and natural product that creates a sour taste in the soil, making it unappealing to moles. We also help deter mole activity by eliminating their food source, grubs.

Lawn Care O’Fallon
Vole Control

Voles are similar to moles, but whereas moles tunnel, voles usually tunnel and leave unsightly entrance/exit holes in your yard. Our vole control application consists of placing baits in the proximity of the holes and tunnels they create. Don’t let voles get the best of your lawn; call the lawn care O’Fallon specialists at St. Louis Lawns today for a FREE estimate!

Lawn Care Chesterfield
Soil Analysis

This lawn care Chesterfield service consists of the extraction of dirt from different areas of the lawn so they can be sent to the testing lab. Within three-to-four weeks, a detailed soil analysis will inform St. Louis Lawns of the status of the client’s lawn. Results are sent to the client and kept in the St. Louis Lawn database.

Chesterfield Lawn Care | Lawn Care in St. Louis
Service Area

St. Louis Lawns offers premier lawn care in St. Louis at a price you can afford. Our Chesterfield lawn care services extend to: Ballwin, Bethman, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Cottleville, Country Life Acres, Creve Coeur, Crystal Lake Park, Dardenne, Dardenne Prairie, Des Peres, Ellisville, Frontenac, Gilmore, Hamburg, Harvester, Huntleigh, Ladue, Lafayette Farms, Lake Saint Louis, Manchester, O’Fallon, Pond, St Charles, St Peters, Town and Country, Weldon Spring, Wentzville, Westwood, Wildwood, Winchester and surrounding St. Louis and St. Charles County, Missouri communities.

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